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Keeping Your Truck On the Road

Maintenance Program

Bush Truck Leasing’s Route-Ready Maintenance Program is designed to keep vehicles where they should be—on their routes. Proper maintenance reduces down-time, reduces expensive repairs and helps ensure trouble-free driving. With more than 10,000 service locations and professional on-staff experts to manage the program, we’re here to make it happen.

Common Goals

  1. Ensure a safe and dependable truck to run route
  2. Minimize maintenance cost and maximize dependability of truck through:
    • Daily pre-trip truck inspection by drive
    • Timely preventive maintenance (PM) services
  3. Maintain a clean, smooth running truck to make favorable appearance to your customers and to provide pleasant work environment
  4. Deliver high quality maintenance services throughout team-based approach in partnership
  5. Enable Independent Owner Operator to focus on their business with confidence that their truck is Route-Ready

How It Works

  1. A Spending Account is set up for the Independent Owner Operator (IOO) to cover the cost of normal and preventive maintenance on the IOO’s truck during the term of the lease
  2. Money goes into the Spending Account from the customer's monthly maintenance payment through settlement deduction
  3. Maintenance is performed as needed within the network of Bush Authorized Maintenance Providers where discounted parts and labor rates have already been negotiated
  4. Money is taken out of the IOO's Spending Account to pay for maintenance costs and fees as they are incurred.  Bush Truck Leasing pays the service providers for the customer’s maintenance costs through the Spending Account.
  5. At the end of the lease, any balance in the IOO’s Spending Account is returned to them

In the event that customer has insufficient funds in the Spending Account to pay for service and Maintenance charges when incurred, customer will be responsible for paying for such Services directly to the service provider at the time the service is delivered.

What's Covered

  • All Preventive Maintenance (based on manufacturers recommendations)
  • All repairs (excluding repairs due to abuse, misuse or accident)
  • Normal maintenance items such as brakes, clutch adjustment, fluid changes, etc.
  • Tire replacements & alignments due to normal wear
  • Access to 24 Hour Emergency Road Service
  • Retention and documentation of maintenance history
  • Vehicle Inspections (DOT & State)

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